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Metal And Material Reclamation

Toxco’s recycling concept is to identify non-contaminated materials and equipment and sell these materials to the steel recycling industry or the equipment for reuse.  The revenue received from sale of this material is used to offset recovery (e.g. survey and processing) cost as well as generate profit for Toxco.  Utilizing this recovery and reclamation process serves to reduce the cost of projects with the injection of a revenue stream.

Environment, Safety and Health

TMMC adheres to Industrial Occupational Safety & Health requirements and regulations governing this industry.   Environmental controls are a part of all operations and work plans at TMMC

since 1999

Volume Reduction

Bonded Leases

Radioactive Disposal

Supercompaction of waste offers superior waste volume minimization. The TMMC supercompactor places 22.000 tons psi on a 55-gallon pre-packed drum of material turning the drum into a about a 9-inch thick puck of material. It is not "Waste" if it is Recycled.




Toxco has the capability and contracts in place to dispose of most all radioactive materials and waste. The

TMMC Radioactive Material License defines what can and cannot be accepted at TMMC for final disposal at

a proper regulated disposal facility. A copy of the TMMC Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) is located on our

web site at

  • Field Services

    Toxco has strategic alliances with Teaming Partners that can perform radiological work and radiological project management at a client's facility. This work is required prior to shipping radioactive or hazardous materials from a client's facility to TMMC.

  • Refurbishment Of Equipment

    Refurbishment of equipment avoids premature disposal and extends the life of the equipment avoiding

    premature disposal as waste. TMMC maintains refurbished contaminated equipment that can be rented for

    reuse in a contaminated environment then returned to TMMC for refurbishment and reuse again.

  • Bulk Survey For Release

    This TMMC service provides material characterization and disposal of very low-level contaminated materials

    that may be disposed of at a permitted, licensed and authorized landfill in lieu of disposal at a significantly

    more costly radioactive material disposal cell.


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