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Toxco is a premier processing facility for materials and equipment previously used in a radioactive environment. Toxco’s processes minimize or eliminate high cost disposal volumes, provide opportunity for lower cost regulated and licensed disposal, and greatly reduce radioactive waste disposal and decommissioning costs.




For those radioactive materials that are designated as waste or cannot be reused/recycled, Toxco provides cost effective waste processing and


disposal options. Our processes are designed and controlled to identify and isolate waste, so it can be consolidated and directed to the lowest cost licensed disposal facility available.


Mission Statement


 Toxco’s mission is to make the management of your waste streams an effortless process while providing the best customer experience. We focus on providing simple, cost effective management options for radioactive materials and waste while providing outstanding customer service.




Customer Service


 We understand the complexity, commitment, effort and expense you expend in managing your radioactive materials and waste. Our practices, procedures and processes are established to support your efforts in a timely, cost effective manner. Our system is designed to quickly respond to your needs including questions, quotes, or shipping to proof of disposal and contract administration. Our multiple processing capabilities allow you to choose the most cost-effective solution and support you in environmental stewardship.


Watse Processing

Toxco provides cost effective solutions for your radioctive waste. Our Proccess optimizes volumes for disposal and direct waste to the lowest cost lisensed available. Toxco customers can take advantage of th efolowing radioactive watse management options.

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Toxco supports efforts to maintain our environment and support our customer’s commitment to a cleaner, safer world. We provide the following services to minimize waste and conserve resources and burial capacities:

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Toxco offers other radioactive material management options to service customer needs. The complexity of our staff and facility, enable Toxco to offer the following ancillary services for our customers:

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