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Survey for Release - Unconditional and Conditional

SURVEY FOR RELEASE – Toxco maintains licensed processes to survey materials for unconditional and conditional release.


 Unconditional released materials are no longer subject to radioactive material license requirements and can be offered for unconditional use or recycle.


 Conditional release includes but is not limited to: Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR), survey and disposition to a licensed facility, etc.


 Benefit – Reduces or eliminate the cost of disposal by:


 • Eliminating the cost of disposal for materials qualifying for unconditional use or recycle;


 • Identifies materials which may be decontaminated for unconditional use or recycle there by eliminating disposal cost;


 • Minimizes quantities of waste which must be disposed of at a licensed facility; and


 • Saves you time and effort of performing the procedures at your facility.







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