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Radioactive waste is an ever-present byproduct of nuclear power generation and other nuclear technology, such as research, medicine and other industries. Management of radioactive waste is an essential part of a responsible radioactive waste management system. Toxco is your best choice in selecting a partner to complete your radioactive waste management plan.


Toxco’s Materials Management Center has the license, processes, experience, facility, staff and resources to accept and manage all types of radioactive waste, from small radioactive sources, to large nuclear reactor components and everything in between.


Why Process Your Waste with Toxco?



Toxco has the knowledge and established processes to safely and economically handle your radioactive waste needs. Whether you are disposing waste from your operations, decommissioning activity or discarding materials for recycle or reuse, Toxco can support your needs. Toxco accepts and manages all types of radioactive wastes generated from nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical facilities, research centers, manufacturers and decommissioning activities.


TMMC has developed the processes and controls necessary to safely and responsibly manage radioactive wastes, while ensuring our customers get the most value for their chosen waste management options.


Licenses/Quality Assurance – TMMC is licensed in the State of Tennessee for handling, storage and processing radioactive materials/wastes. Toxco operates the TMMC consistent with applicable requirements of ASME NQA-1-2008, “Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications."


Infrastructure – Over 66,000 ft2 of bonded process and storage space on a 16-acre site. Numerous heavy industrial powered vehicles, mobile cranes and bridge cranes ranging from 4-ton to 60-ton capacities.


Experience – Toxco personnel have well over 100 years of combined experience managing radioactive contaminated materials and waste.



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