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TMMC’s licensed capabilities for waste volume reduction, packaging and disposal include:


In-Drum Compaction – Compactable material is in-drum compacted into 55-gallon containers. Those containers are then used as feed stock for the Supercompactor.


Super Compaction – The Supercompactor allows the option of compacting drums as received from customers or of compacting previously compacted material in drums. A 2,200-ton force vertical hydraulic press exerts approximately 10,000 pounds per square inch (psi) over the surface of the drum. The compacted drums (aka pucks) are subsequently containerized for disposal.


Sectioning/Sizing – Involves the volumetric reduction of non-compactable contaminated items and materials. Various equipment is used to section non-compactable items into smaller pieces as is necessary to facilitate packaging into disposal containers.


Radioactive Waste Packaging – Radioactive waste materials such as non-compactable waste from the sorting area, compacted trash, solidified precipitates, encapsulated sources, granular wastes and general material which cannot be decontaminated are combined to maximize volume utilization while meeting all DOT shipping requirements and disposal site requirements.